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WITH A BULLET, a cozy murder mystery set in the Deep South and Tennessee, is a fun, quirky romp.

​Cafton Merriepennie, the protagonist, is smart, eccentric, compassionate, and reclusive. He is also the preeminent songwriter in Nashville in the late 1960s. His childhood in a small, rural Alabama town was tumultuous at best, treacherous at worst. When his mama was electrocuted on a small honky-tonk stage, fifteen-year-old Cafton was on his own. 

​Due to his grit and wits, he overcomes all odds and lands in Nashville, determined to fulfill his mama's dream of becoming famous. And his plans are successful - until the bodies of three female songwriters who worked in this club are found in his friend and business partner's hometown and the police come knocking on Cafton's door in the middle of the night and haul away a beaten and bloodied suspect.

​The spotlight may have shifted to Cafton and his friend in the murder investigation, but nothing is that simple or easy in Nashville. 

WITH A BULLET is available through The Wild Rose Press and Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

Reform Your Animal Shelter NOW!

We could cite the kill shelter stats ad nauseum, but you already know them. You’ve seen them first hand. We have all shed torrents of tears and spewed righteous anger at those in charge of local hellhole pounds – sometimes euphemistically called “shelters” – until exhaustion. And still they murder innocent animals day after day.
            Now what?
            Now is the time for action.
            No more hand-wringing. No more accepting the status quo. No more allowing our tax dollars to be used to needlessly snuff out the lives of the animals in the care and control of your local animal control pound.
            Reform Your Animal Shelter Now! is a citizens’ guide to help you galvanize or force reform where it has to happen: locally. Local citizens must take charge and either educate and inform the people who are in charge of your local pound into reforming, or you must make it easier for them to reform than to withstand your incessant, persistent, unrelenting onslaught of reform demands.
            It won’t be quick. It won’t be easy. It won’t be painless, but most things worth working for aren’t quick, easy, or painless. When you’re ready to give up, ask yourself if the next day would have been the one that turned the corner. When you’re ready to give up, think about the lives lost every single day going forward because you gave up. When you’re ready to give up, read another chapter in the book and keep going.
            The key is: do not give up. Stop ONLY when you have succeeded.
            Let’s get to work.

This is the second book in the Music City Mysteries series. It brings back some of With A Bullet's characters, plus one who I believe you'll really love.

There’s no harmony in Nashville when a renowned sound engineer comes up missing and a record label exec’s home is firebombed. Cafton Merriepennie’s record label is in chaos, his top act is on tour, and an unidentified psychopath has him in his sights. When the cops start sniffing up the wrong tree, Cafton has to take charge and become a sleuth to save himself and the people he loves. But it’s too late for someone close to him, and others are perilously close to the brink of disaster.

Available from The Wild Rose Press.



Some things in life are inevitable. Yes, the proverbial death and taxes, and maybe Murphy’s Law, but a serious contender to that list is being dumped by your loved one. Relationships sometimes end before you are ready for them to end. That's what We Have To Talk is about. First, let’s get this dumping thing in perspective. The wealthiest, the most beautiful, and the most powerful people in the world have been dumped by someone.

So no, it’s not just you. But, you are now a bona fide member of one of the largest clubs in the world. In fact, being dumped is so universal, pernicious, and life-altering that through the ages it’s been the default, ubiquitous subject for poets, playwrights, songwriters, movie makers, authors, reporters, television shows, websites, and all other genre of professional and amateur storytellers.

Hopefully, We Have to Talk: The Guide To Bouncing Back From a Breakup, can help you work through and understand some of the things you may feel and think after your divorce or the unexpected end of your relationship, and ultimately help you reach a peaceful place in your life again. This book is simply a tool to help you work through the time it takes for you to evolve into a happy, healthy person again.

We Have To Talk is sometimes funny, sometimes serious, and sometimes bitchy, but it's always honest. It's a journal, but more than that, it's also GUIDED workbook to help you work through your journey. It has specific exercises to jump start your thinking, as well as space for free-form journaling.



At the age of nine, Tony knew she was a girl inside and began secretly cross-dressing. Twenty years later, she took the courageous step that only a small fraction of transgender people take: she had sexual reassignment surgery to match her body to her mind. In between those two milestones, Toni lead a fascinating life as a lesbian, detective, and police officer. 
It’s a Girl, Finally chronicles her turbulent journey from being born a male to becoming the female she knew she was inside. 
Toni’s journey began as the son of a fiercely Sicilian, Evangelical Christian family and continues today as a woman, a lesbian with a longtime life partner, and a successful law enforcement officer. Along the way, she conquered some of life’s most difficult challenges, persevering through bullying, estrangement from some of her family, loneliness, hatred, exploitation, bigotry, and ridicule. 
It’s a Girl, Finally, is Toni’s exquisitely honest story. It reveals her innermost thoughts and feelings about coming to grips with the fact that she was the exact opposite of who she appeared to the rest of the world to be, and then going under the knife to change her gender. 
This is a story of hope, courage, and triumph for everyone.



Jacki Moss